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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 25, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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opine. word of the day, do not be verecund when writing to the factor. thanks for watching us. i am bill o'reilly. my pen is having trouble today. this is the no-spin pen. i can't spin it too hard. spin stops here, because we are look out for youment . >> sean: more bad news on the state of the american economy which comes as no surprise except to members of the obama administration. according to the labor department claims for state unemployment benefits rose by 5,000 last week. which brings the total number of americans filing for state unemployment benefits to a whooping 417,000. the nation at debt skyrocketed four on this president's watch. something the anointed one himself called unpatriotic.
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when it applied to job in 2008. here one of the architects of the president's economic policies, the former chairman of the council of economic advisers. he just recently stepped down from that post. austan goolsbee is with us. sir, welcome to the program. >> thank you sean. >> sean: let me start with the president saying repeatedly that the economy is recovering over a period of time. he said it again and again. last summer was recovery summer. let me roll the tape. >> the president: the economy now is starting to stabilize and grow again. the economy was predicted to be growing at 3.5%. the economy is now growing again. the truth of the matter is the agricultural sector in america, cornerstone states like iowa is doing very well. >> sean: we've accumulated more debt than any president, shorter period of time, under
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president obama. the truth is, i have the latest bureau of labor statistics, we've lost 2 1/2 million jobs since his stimulus, obama's plan. he said he would cut the debt in half. his administration said they would keep unemployment below 8%. you were part of this. what went wrong? >> respectfully, i would say you are mixing up the timeframe there. in the year 2010, which is when most of the clips when the president was saying we were starting to grow again, we were growing. over that 17 months we added 2 1/2 million jobs. now, at the beginning of this year, we get earthquakes, tsunamis, revolutions in the middle east. european financial crises. now quakes outside of washington, d.c.. we've had a series of things that have put heavy blows and slowed the economy back down again. i think -- i don't think you want to confuse something that
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is way down in -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: the bureau of labor statistics, president obama has lost 2.4 million jobs since his stimulus plan. that's the net result. he said he was going to create millions of jobs. he said he would cut the deficit in he said unemployment would stay below 8% promises he made as a candidate none of which came through. are you making the case that the arab spring and japanese quake had a more significant economic impact than say 9/11 on the economy or katrina on the economy? >> the price of gas shooting up to $4 a gallon affected everybody. >> sean: happened in the bush years. >> it happened at the end of the bush years. then preceded the worst financial crisis in all of our lifetime. i don't know that is the perfect example. >> sean: all right. go ahead. >> we face a downturn where we
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lose a significant number of jobs, seven, eight, pushing up to nine million in the downturn. let's not get into a thing where guy takes your tv up to the balcony, drops it off and says the last i saw it, it looked fine. when the president takes office, we are in the midst of what is now recognized as the worst down turn since we've had data in the 40s. >> sean: the president said -- [ talking over each other ] >> there's no question -- >> sean: the president said this is the worst economy since the great depression. he knew what he was inheriting here. it seems to me you blame bush for a couple of years. he had both houses of congress. to his credit he got his budget passed, stimulus, health care bill, he got the economy. he owns the economy according to david plouffe and debbie wasserman schultz. we are going to blame the
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tsunami, arab spring, job. maybe we should stop blaming the fact that he spends more than he takes in and he doesn't understand how to unleash the economic -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> sean: four trillion in obama debt. >> before president obama became the president, when all we had were the bush policies, the congressional budget office said, we're going to have 1.3 trillion dollar a year deficits based on just how the economy is doing. that was without any policies from president obama >> sean: one trillion dollar stimulus. this year's deficit 1.-- >> sean over three years, come on! >> sean: way. this year's deficit is 1.65 trillion. >> and we're trying to get out of the worst downturn of our lifetimes. >> sean: for three years? >> yes. i'm out at this fed conference where there are all of these
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international economic officials, from other countries. the consensus of the international arena is that in the data when countries come out of deep financial crises it is a tough messy process. our fastest recoveries like the one under president reagan come in circumstances where you can go back to doing what everybody was doing before the recession began. we had a bubble that popped sean. >> sean: reagan dropped the top marginal rates. obama pushing from tax to rich. >> obama cut taxes. >> sean: dropped the top marginal rates from -- >> you are getting the timing mixed up. >> sean: i studied reagan. [ talking over each other ] >> the top marginal rate under ronald reagan was 50%. >> sean: excuse me he dropped it from 70 to 28% that was the first bill he pass today that lead to 21 million new jobs.
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he didn't blame his predecessor everyday. >> that wasn't get out of the recession, sean. we can argue about what happened 2 1/2 years ago for as long as you want. i don't believe that the lack of rules on the financial industry was the cause -- is the way to reduce the regulations of financial industry is the way to get the economy going again. i think it was the lack of rules that got us into this mess. we disagree on that. let's pick the things we agree on. >> sean: i want to go back to president obama in 2008 this is july 3rd, 2008. i want to hear -- he now has hit the four trillion dollar of obama debt. >> that is before the financial crisis. >> sean: four trillion of new obama debt. this is what he said in 2008, july 3rd, about george w. bush and the four trillion that bush accumulated not over 2 1/2 years, but over eight
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years. here's what he said: >> the president: the problem is, is that the way bush has done it over the last eight years, is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from five trillion dollars for the first 42 presidents, number 43 added four trillion by his lonesome. so we now have over nine trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to payback. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. it is unpatriotic. >> sean: based on his own definition. i did it in 2 1/2 years. -- he did it in 2 1/2 years. is he irresponsible? >> he is responsible. >> sean: is obama irresponsible? is obama unpatriotic? >> the bush numbers that he is
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citing were during a boom. official, if you go into the worst downturn in your lifetime. i'm surprised you are not giving him credit. at the same time spending had to go up to deal with the crisis he's had the lowest taxes in 60 years. >> sean: because he couldn't get his way he tried to raise them. >> sean, he cut taxes for 150 million workers, the biggest middle class tax cut ever. >> sean: for get sean hannity and i'm a conservative. look at his numbers on the economy, on the right track/ wrong track. faith in the government to of problems. obama's personal approval ratings this week the lowest in his presidency. the american people are judging as of this moment that his economic policies have failed. you won't acknowledge his broken promises on cutting the deficit in half, on 8% unemployment, on turning the economy around. you are going to say he's been a success that he has met his promises? >> look, i'm saying we are
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laying a foundation for growth. we had a period where we were growing and added 2 1/2 million jobs over 2010. >> sean: when are we going to see it? >> we've got to get the growth rate back up. >> sean: he said if he didn't do it in three years he would be a one-term president. >> rather than argue about what happened three years ago, and how deep the recession is, let's talk about the things that we can agree on. whether it is infrastructure, investment in education. and you let's cut pend spending. let's have a balanced approach to get the deficit down. >> sean: what is wrong with cut, cap and balance? why wouldn't you support cut, cap and balance, why wouldn't you support the connie mack-penny plan? >> if we get into the details i think it is an extremist version of a balanced budget amendment that even the ryan budget would not satisfy if
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you start attacking the details, it would hurt the education and the investment budgets of the country. >> sean: balancing our budget is extreme? >> let's have a debate about that. it is not extreme. but we've got to do that in a balanced way. >> sean: 49 states have a balanced budget. >> let's have a discussion about it. they float bonds and issue debt while they balance the budget. so the federal government's accounting is slightly different. my point is, there are things we can agree on. there are hundreds of things that you and i would disagree on. but there are five or six we could agree to do now that would help the economy. so let's start with those. let's put off the argument for six months. let's do the stuff we agree on right now. >> sean: you agree to cut taxes, i'll support you. agree to end burdensome government regulation, i'll support you. >> i'm for that. >> sean: are you willing to
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eliminate the capital gains tax? >> if it would be effective. the president cut -- he eliminated the capital gains tax for people starting their own businesses, because there i think the evidence is pretty good that it can be effective. in others, as long as we do this in a balanced way, i think it could work. >> sean: austan goolsbee, i give you credit no one else in the administration would have the guts to come on this show and i appreciate it. >> sean, any time. great to see you. >> sean: i'll hold you to that many thank you for being with us. >> tune in next week for two special editions of hannity featuring dick cheney, my interview about his new book. that is tuesday. then part two, the vice president sits down in front of a live studio audience, one week from tonight right here on@vn the fx news channel. [ man ] behind every business is a "what if."
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getting an amazing discount on a hotel with travelocity's top secret hotels. [ gnome ] ahhh... [ male announcer ] the easy way to get unpublished discounts of up to 55% off top hotels. [ gnome ] your fingers are quite magical. >> sean: you just saw my first interview with president obama's former economic adviser, austan goolsbee. joining me with reaction to that, columnist, author of the new york time best seller, ann coulter. how are you? >> fine thank you. >> sean: i'm never going to agree with their economic
6:17 pm
policies. you hear the president in 2008 call president bush unpatriotic. says something i said sounds similar in the midwest bus tour. what is it that prevents them from seeing that they've made a mistake, in your view? >> the thing about the goolsbee interview is that he does exactly what is described in my book "demonic" by people engaging in group think. he won't talk about the facts. i'm glad liberals have moved on from bush driving the car into the ditch. can we talk about what obama has done to help job growth or hurt job growth? what the democrats did as soon as obama came in and they had both houses of congress was pass this massive universal health care plan. that has been on their to-do list since truman was president. they get that through, job
6:18 pm
killer, as we know from businessmen, as opposed to a metaphor of a tv being thrown off a ledge. the guy who started home depot, all of these people, businessmen saying i couldn't start my business today. and we haven't even started with the obamacare laces. it is a 2,000 page bill going to be 200,000 pages of regulations. they pass a trillion dollar stimulus bill to fund public school teamers pensions and health care not shovel-ready jobs. and the audacity of austan goolsbee stringing together the problems poor obama has faced, including an earthquake, an earthquake -- >> sean: in japan. >> i'm -- i think he's talking about the quake that hit the united states yesterday. i'm out where we have grown-up quakes. for him to complain about an earthquake that caused dozens of dollars worth of damage.
6:19 pm
our hearts and prayers do go out to those who nearly lost theirtbl balance in yesterday's quake. he throws in a hurricane that hasn't hit land yet. let's take about the facts -- salk >> sean: he's not talking about that quake. they are blaming the tsunami and earthquake in japan. they are blaming the arab spring. >> if you play that back you will find a string of excuses that have nothing to do with the when. he won't talk about the things that obama did are job killers. which you and me and every republican in washington was screaming this is going to cost jobs. who are the 1.5 million did he said people who had their taxes cut? are those the people who lost their jobs so they no longer have to pay taxes? who got tax cuts under this president? >> sean: we have 18% real
6:20 pm
unemployment. the president is going to come back from -- do you go to martha's vineyard? >> i've been there. >> sean: i bet they love you. >> i stay away when democrat presidents are there. >> sean: hanging out with rich ceos those horrible people i assume own jets and mansions. he's going to come back and layout?)0 a plan for the econoc and for jobs. >> we are very excited about it. >> sean: unless he changes his rigid ideology it going to be repackaged focus group tested words republicans are evil because they don't support advancement of government in our lives. >> right. >> sean: is -- >> i would like to know, you mentioned the private jets of all of the people he's hobnobbing with, i would like to know how many got stimulus money like warren buffet? how many got waivers that
6:21 pm
democrats gave waivers to 1,000 of their best friends. i hear the music. >> sean: all right. you like perry? >> he needs a little work on necessity. i think there's a governor in new jersey who would fit the bill now. >> sean: oh my gosh you are obsessed with christy. >> i'm right. >> sean: is he going to run? >> yes as people hear more about perry's views on amnesty. he's too much like george bush -- >> sean: what is christie's views on immigration? >> he's governor of new jersey he hasn't come out for amnesty. >> sean: ann coulter congratulations on the book. thanks for being with us. >> still to come, media mash with brent bozell. >> with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 days away.
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>> sean: major controversy developing here in new york after news broke that mayor michael bloomberg is refusing
6:26 pm
to allow clergy members to participate in the ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. a spokesperson for the city said there are hundreds of important people that have offered to participate over the last nine years the focus remains on the families. what makes the policy more controversial is the fact that he was okay with building a mosque steps from ground zero. saying the government should not interfere with people's religion. here with reaction juan williams, co-host of the great five, kimberly guilfoyle. juan, wait a minute. we can't mention god on september 11th? i have a theory about why he's doing this. i think this is outrageous to the people of new york and to the families and to the overwhelming majority of people that day, that prayed and turned to god as their country was under attack. you support this decision?
6:27 pm
>> no, i think this is one of those moments where it is as rare as an earthquake and a hurricane hitting the east coast in the same week. i think you and i an tkpwraelt i think this is a country that always -- acknowledges god in our great celebrations. certainly when it comes to something like grieving. we invite people in. i can only imagine that mayor bloomberg's thinking is, he wants to an individual controversy from having muslim clergy there. again, muslims die on 9/11 . i don't understand why he would do this. it is such an important part of a process. he speaks about this being for the families. i can't imagine families do not want some recognition of god and their faith in this process. >> sean: kimberly, i think juan might be on to something here. he supportedding the building of the ground zero mosque in-- inside of the contraversy of
6:28 pm
the imam who was responsible. bin laden made in the u.s.a. and the controversial statements. is he afraid i have to invite him and everybody because he doesn't have the courage to stand up against radicals, like the last time? >> if that is the excuse one of any he might have, they are insufficient. in fact, embarrassing. he needs to show courage, leadership. he's the mayor of new york city. having been a first lady of san francisco, i'm telling you, we had to deal with situations like this, memorial and services where you invite everyone to participate so what if there are 17 clergy who want to be there. you manage the situation. the problem is, if he is saying he doesn't want to have muslim leaders there, that makes no sense to me. he has to problem with allowing the ground zero mossing. allowing someone who is a developer of the ground zero mosque. -- >> sean: juan, you are probably right.
6:29 pm
he supported raouf raouf a radical controversial imam. who said outrageous things on 60 minutes and elsewhere. maybe he was cowardly, gutless to stand up to the radical elements so he figures i'm not going to invite anybody. no mention of god during the commemoration. >> i don't understand it. i really many baffled by it. to me this is a healing force. i see religion as a healing force in my life. i think most people in the mit of that kind of grief the tragedy of 9/11. it is not something government imposes on us. it is individual choice. [ talking over each other ] >> by the way sean, i don't agree with what you and kimberly are saying about the ground zero thing if that is a zoning accident i don't want anyone saying my minister said something controversial so we don't want your church here.
6:30 pm
>> sean: what if imam rauf is one of the guys who wants to be there? am i right to suspect that bloomberg doesn't have the guts or courage to stay if you are blaming america that bin laden is may in the u.s.a. that maybe the mayor doesn't have the courage to say no, you can't come? >> right. >> the question is, does he get to select people who represent the different faiths? i don't know about -- >> sean: would you invite him? >> i've never been a find of the mosque being -- not at ground zero, but near ground zero, i've never been a find because i -- never been a fan, because i think it is such a sensitive issue. they went through the zoning process. we are a country of religious liberty. everybody can have their house of worship where they choose as long as it meets regulations. >> he's not handling the situation, we can all concur. no the imam shouldn't be
6:31 pm
allowed to be there. you can have a representative from each faith. it is an easy decision can be made easily if you are not afraid to stand up and do the right thing this is an embarrassment that he's not handling this the proper way. people should be offended and outrage. in god we trust is on the money. we know he likes money, didn't he bloomberg. put the religious leaders there. >> sean: interesting to see how the 9/11 families react. we'll be watching. >> our weekly round up of how the liberal mainstream media is trying to spin the news. all of that and our great, great american panel, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] unlike some car companies, nissan is running at 100%
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it can multi-multitask. it's so 2012. look at it! it's doing over a million different things right now. metamucil. ask more of your fiber. . >> sean: welcome back. time for media mash. our weekly round up of all the ways the liberal media tries
6:36 pm
to spin the news. joining me the president of the media research center brent bozell. cbs correspondent twice suggests rick perry, not obama with a 38% approval rating, lowest in his presidency, country hates his economic policies, no, rick perry is unelect able. >> you believe in global warming, rick perry -- rick perry does not can the republican party elect someone president who doesn't believe in global warming? he referred to social security as a crumbling monument to the failure of the new deal. he compared social security to a bad disease and it was set up like an illegal ponzi scheme. can you elect a republican to the white house who thinks social security is a bad disease? >> sean: said a ponzi scheme. and it is because they spent the money and we don't have the money. will somebody help these reporters? >> this is the liberal litmus
6:37 pm
test. rick perry doesn't pass the liberal litmus test that is all she saying. earth to this reporter, she has to understand, when she talks about global warming she equates skepticism of it to the flat earth society. you have to be crazy to be skeptical. 48% of the american people are skeptical of global warming. i guess that makes them rick perry supporters. where social security is concerned, all he's saying it is an falling apart. everyone knows it is falling par part. there she says it means he's against social security. >> sean: cnn touts itself as being the real news network. they don't have an opinion. they slam stupid gop candidates like curly, moe and larry. three stooges, watch this >> so far, a couple of
6:38 pm
intellectual lightways are stealing the show many since michelle bachmann won the straw poll and rick perry ended the race these two have been sucked up attention mostly for saying stupid stuff. there's jon huntsman who says candidates like bachmann and perry are too far right and have zero substance. testimony to his intellect there. he mate be right. i haven't to say none of the three has a pair against curly, mo, and larry. that's a sad commentary. >> sean: intellectual lightweights, republicans, conservatives, they believe in cutting taxes, balancing the budget, first principles and they don't believe in socialism or redistribution. so they must be dumb. >> they say this about any conservative candidate out there. this goes back to ronald reagan in 1980, it was the endless stories about what a lightweight intellectual he was. any republican who gets that attack should wear it as a badge of honor. you get the sense they are
6:39 pm
starting to get worried that obama is vulnerable. what that means, it is a warning to the republicans, what that means is that they are going to do everything to take out any republican that's why rick perry has a big bull's-eye on his head now. they are going after anybody who remotely threatens this guy. i think they are feeling that he's threatened now. >> sean: we ran this clip earlier and we've been running it the last couple of days. obama in 2008 saying george bush is unpatriotic. he suggested that the republicans, they are putting politics above their country. saying unpatriotic. those republicans, they are nasty republicans. they want guys like perry to be nasty against obama. they never talked about obama calling george bush unpatriotic. let's roll that tape. >> people -- he's so fiesty against obama, they like that >> republican party is very conservative now a lot of people in the republican party don't believe romney is a
6:40 pm
genuine conservative. there's a piece that is angry. >> sean: i get a thrill up in my leg every time i hear that guy talk. he's the gift that keeps giving. i ought to send a check to chris matthews. >> who has in the last month called the tea party muggers, called them kidnappers, called them terrorists? who has called rick perry a supporter of segregation and bull connor with a smile. he hates civil rights and rush limbaugh is for resegregation of the military and public schools. all in the last month? chris matthews. >> sean: where would we be without him? the face of nbc news. you think john williams is proud of -- you think brian williams is proud of his channel? i think he wants to be respected.
6:41 pm
tom broke was credible, john chancellor and all these other guys. what do you think he thinks of this, brian williams? >> do you think he wants to be in the same room? no. people like ed shultz and chris matthews, they are tearing apart the nbc brand. they are destroying that news brand. you can't watch nbc any more and think of it as news. it is just left wing pro-obama propaganda. >> sean: my favorite is when they clip the black cloud over the economy and our debt comment to say black cloud that's racism. that took the cake. >> that's also character assassination. >> sean: what a shock. welcome to our world as conservatives, we are used to it. they do it to us all the time. don't go anywhere. thanks brent bozell. >> our great, great american panel is next.
6:42 pm
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. >> sean: tonight on our great american panel. he was bill bradley's deputy campaign manager, jacques degraff is back. he a stand up comedian can be found at the stress factory comedy club. vinnie brand is here. she is columnist for the sun tall noelle nikpour also with us. -- i love you gave me a dvd and it has nothing in it. >> you have to buy the dvd. >> sean: promotional purposes. all right, i think there's a pattern emerging where democratic leftists are trying to confront the republican candidates. they've done it to romney a couple of times. this was in new hampshire. we had to cut it a little short. he gives the woman a full minute to ask her question. >> how do you think the government cannot provide funds for the people, its
6:47 pm
citizens. >> of course government provides funds for its people, the citizens. of course we take care of america when there are national disasters. of course we honor our props to seniors. of course it costs -- money but not more than you take in. you had your turn madame, let me have mine. listen, i'll give you the microphone in a moment. but let me complete, i'm sorry it is your turn. would you please hold on a moment, let me finish, good. this is the answer, my state of massachusetts -- look, let me speak, then you get to speak, okay? just hold on a moment. >> sean: she had a full minute to ask her question. he answered. she would not stop interrupting him. he was smiling the whole time. i thought he handled it perfectly. i think this is a strategy. >> it is a total strategy. he can beat obama, they've shown a couple of polls where he could. i think they are doing nothing
6:48 pm
but slamming him. i think he is holding his own. i think that he handled that well. he handled this in iowa as well when he hecklers. i like the fact that he's getting out there. you can see him getting revved up, but he has class about it. >> sean: i think the smile, he kept saying it is my turn. i gave you a minute. and he stood out, what did you think? >> i think he did great. i think it is funny the media makes the story that romney loses his cool. he didn't lose his cool. the headline should read lunatic liberal wantsú!÷ú free stuff. >> an example of losing your cool remember howard dean with the he ! >> she said the government needs to have -- >> sean: he said you have to live within your means like 50 states. >> excuse me, first of all
6:49 pm
romney hasn't beatenxñjl anyboy this time or last time. he has won some debates he looks good in a few interviews he hasn't beaten anybody. the president of the united states when faced with -- >> sean: the guy with the lowest approval rating. >> the current president that got elected. >> sean: the anointed one. >> one who no one has beaten yet. >> he's only run twice. >> donald trump didn't beat him, sarah palin won't get in and the other eight still can't crack -- >> he promotes class warfare. >> you asked me about rudeness. joe wilson the elected congressman from south carolina embarrassed himself, his state and his party on the floor of the congress. and the president of the united states -- >> sean: all right stop. i showed the president of the united states in 2008 saying george bush is unpatriotic. he was on his midwest bus tour saying that the republicans
6:50 pm
are putting their party over their country. again, suggesting unpatriotic. do you support that? rhetoric of your president? >> my president is free to make -- i support his judgment as president. >> sean: if i called him unpatriotic, it is okay with you? >> you have called me -- you have called him, not you necessarily others on this show have said they consider him anti-american. >> sean: who? >> he was on an apology tour overseas. tell me one thing he's going to run on? >> i will tell you one thing, there hasn't been one scandal since he's been president. >> scandal! what about our jobs? >> officials -- no official who has resigned under this administration -- [ talking over each other ] >> there is still time for scandal. we have record unemployment rates. i don't know what think he's going to win on. i don't think we care about scandal -- >> the polls say even though people are unhappy in this
6:51 pm
moment when you ask independents and democrats and others who they would vote for -- there's a reason that people postured and took their moment in the spotlight --kwq> sean: i'm going to give you every poll, romney is beating him, perry beating him. >> they are beating him in 2011, not november 2012. >> sean: lowest approval rating accumulated more debt than any president in history and he broke every promise he made. >> all presidents have peaks and valleys. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: republicans fault, tsunami's fault. >> one of the things he ran on was hope and change and the fact that bush spent so much look what he spent our debt going from three million dollars per minute is how much it is rising. he can't blame -- >> every president has increased the debt ceiling.
6:52 pm
>> sean: nobody like him. >> not like obama. >> he has blamed bush for everything. he has to start on his own two feet. he's not going to win blaming bush. >> sean: more with our american panel, right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] try fixodent with a time-released formula. use just once per day for all-day hold. it is important to use the product as directed. for poor-fitting dentures, see your dentist. for hold from dawn to dark... fixodent and forget it.
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>> sean: we continue with our
6:56 pm
great american panel. you know in afghanistan we lost 30 american heroes, 22 navy seals. i spoke with one of the families. these are the best of the best. there's video of a petty officer tumilson from iowa. i want to show you this video. this was during his i guess memorial service. an american hero. right there at the casket, his beloved canine hawkeye was at the foot of the casket throughout the entire ceremony. just a heartwrenching video. apparently he really loved this dog. it was known to friends and family as a son. it is so hard when you see things like this and when you talk to these family members and kids that are never going to see their dads again. >> his family said he always wanted to be a navy seal. and he died doing what he loved the most. and they said that dog was so loyal, it went with him everywhere.
6:57 pm
dogs really are man's best friends. they are loyal. >> sean: it is amazing that -- >> you get the sense that the dog knew he was in the casket. >> yeah. i think the dog was depressed. >> it is amazing. it is difficult. i'm a comic that is not something you want to touch and try to be funny about. amazing thin. i look and say, what is truly amaze something that dog is treating that serviceman better than some members of our congress have treated injured servicemen >> sean: ones that said the war is lost and the surge has failed. >> i think first of all i agree no one can look at those pictures and not be moved. and the sacrifice of all americans in uniform, particularly those in harm's way is one that you can never appreciate unless you have been there. having said that the disappointment i think is the way we treat our veterans and their families and those who are in uniform right now. we don't support their
6:58 pm
families at the proper level. we don't give them the benefits. va hospitals are collectively a disgrace. >> sean: i have to correct you. i've been to bethesda and walter reed. >> those are showcase hospitals. >> it is getting better. we need to commit more resources. >> we are in agreement. >> sean: dick cheney is coming out with his new book, explosive new book. i to wyoming friday we are going to be -- i went to wyoming friday. we are going to be airing that next week. here's part of the interview i had with him in wyoming. >> i think the american people were well served by the policies we nut place. i think the troops did a magnificent job when they captured and killed bin laden. i would prefer to have him dead not captured. in the future you are going to be able to -- you have to continue to address those kinds of issues. and my concern in part over what the obama administration
6:59 pm
has done over time, since he came into office, efforts to close guantanamo bay and so forth. to strip away some of that capability that we built. and that would be unfortunate. because there will be more occasions when they are going to need them. >> sean: i asked if obama has a pre9/11 mentality. a lot of issues, personal issues. he takes on colin powell in a big way in this book. >> why do you think he did this book? >> sean: i read it cover to cover. i don't want to give away too much because it is not released and i signed a document saying i wouldn't. it is really a compilation of his entire life. it brings you inside those decisions from his perspective. he wanted to go after syria before israel did. i asked him about that. >> i love dick cheney.


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